Spokane District
Dental Society Foundation

Our Professional Advisory Boards & Members have been asked to provide guidance, support, and quality assurance for operation in the IDEA Clinic



Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Advisory Board

Dr. Melanie Lang
Dr. Terry Hauck

Periodontics Dental Advisory Board

Dr. Tony Giardino
Dr. David Engen
Dr. Lauralee Nygaard


Orthodontics Advisory Board

Dr. Gerald Phipps
Dr. Diane Paxton


Pediatric Advisory Board

Dr. Jared Evans
Dr. Jason Moffitt
Dr. Jay Enzler
Dr. David Toillion

Endodontics Advisory Board

Dr. Rod Tataryn
Dr. Lisa Ellingsen
Dr. Ryan Facer


Anesthesia Advisory Board

Dr. Eugene Pester
Dr. Marvin Gee


General Dentistry Advisory Board

Dr. Steve Woodard
Dr. Brandy Richey
Dr. Blaine Dodson
Dr. Joel Blake
Dr. Mary Smith
Dr. Richard Bass
Dr. Robert Parker
Dr. Eric Schuermer
Dr. Art DiMarco

Oral Medicine / Oral Patholody / Facial Pain Board

Dr. James Howard
Dr. Robert Achterberg